Oxford Dictionary Adds Tech, Recession Terms


It seems the Oxford Dictionaries update their stable of terms fairly frequently, and each batch of updates adds a significant number of tech terms to the mix.

The most recent 35 additions don’t stray from that trend, including several terms with roots in social media or general technology, such as “ZOMG” and “unfollow.” Notably, the dire economic conditions of the last decade have also influenced the reference source’s direction, with terms like “bankster” and “casino banking” becoming more solid in the lexicon with their inclusion.

Below is a partial list of the newly added words- you can see the full list over at the official Oxford Dictionaries new entry page. Have you heard all these terms yet?

  • bankster
  • bestie
  • breadcrumb trail
  • casino banking
  • confirmation bias
  • Cyber Monda
  • eco-chic
  • infographic
  • lappy
  • lifehack
  • nekkid
  • network neutrality
  • newbie
  • NSFW
  • overshare
  • paperless
  • pat-down
  • permalink
  • Twittersphere
  • unfollow
  • ZOMG


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