Need a Grandma? Now You Can Rent One


For just $20 an hour you can have your very own fictitious grandma. Rent-A-Grandma, a Los Angeles based employment service that “rents” out women over the age of 50, has just expanded their reach with 5 new franchises in Texas.

The rent-a-grandmas can be hired to do anything from babysitting to cleaning.

Todd Bliss, the company’s founder and CEO, said:

“Women in their 50s don’t text or tweet while they’re watching your kids. There’s no replacement for experience.”

The company is already up and running in the Los Angeles area, with about 40 carefully screened women being rented out for domestic chores everyday. The women make about $16-$23 an hour, a portion of which has to be paid back to Rent-A-Grandma.

Bliss says that he’s already gotten numerous inquiries about franchise opportunities, which he’ll sell for about $23,000.

[Source: Live Science, Rent-A-Grandma]

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