Top Summer Makeup Tips For Paler Girls

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In the summer, those of us with skin tones under NC20 can feel a bit left out. Bronzers and self-tanners become the focus of like, every single summer color story known to man.

I am pale. Self-tanners make me look like a carrot, and bronzers lend the appearance of recent dirt biking. Fellow fair-skinned females have probably encountered this scenario… approximately once each summer… every time thinking that maybe, just maybe, this tanning product won’t betray you so horribly, but it does.

Bronzed skin isn’t the only game in town when it comes to summer color. Generally after an ill-fated, streaky-limbed tanner debacle, I just give in and embrace my God-given pallor. And my years of makeup artistry field work have provided some all around summer makeup tips for those of us who can’t do sun-kissed in the summer.

1.) Pink blush. Lots of it. The brighter the better. While light-skinned girls may not pull off tan like our medium and dark skinned sisters, pink blush is surprisingly fresh faced even when the hue looks neon in the pan. Try NARS Desire for a bright and clean look.

2.) Blue shadow + gold shadow = win: Even for a casual night look, a tiny hint of blue at the outside corner of eyelids is really beachy and flattering. Urban Decay’s Shattered and Stila’s Gold Glow Trio are excellent for this look. A sharp, thin bit of Rimmel Kohl in the lashline sets it off like whoa.

3.) If you really want a tan look, try peach blush: A pure peach blush like MAC’s Peaches is the safest bronzer alternative for the paler set. Lighter-skinned clients were always thrilled that this type of shade enabled them to work the tan look, too.

4.) Use red sparingly: Red lipstick is always appropriate, but in the summer, constant red can look oppressive and goth. Consider a sheer, cherry popsicle stain like Treat Black Cherry Lip Stain for a more warm-weather friendly red.

What’s your warm weather, pale skin strategy?

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