Cindy Anthony Could Be Next Family Member To Face Lawsuit [Perjury]

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Cindy Anthony

Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey Anthony could soon be headed to court for a lawsuit of her own. According to reports prosecutors are starting a case against Casey’s mom after she perjured herself on the stand, claiming that she had searched for “chloroform” on her daughters computer when records clearly show that she was at work when the search was conducted.

According to experts who appeared on the Today Show this morning, it’s likely that Cindy will not have to pay any fees or even explain her actions for that matter.

Today legal expert Jeff Ashton says it’s not likely that Cindy Anthony will be headed back to court since it’s “normal” for family members to lie to protect their family.

Ashton point out.

This, of course, was a rather important, you know, deception, if you will, that obviously was proven to be so by the other evidence. What they do with it is going to be a difficult decision that I’m glad I don’t have to make.

While some experts say it will look like “sour grapes” if the prosecution goes after Cindy the filing of a lawsuit could at least help deter further perjury by other family members who find it okay to make such claims under oath, even for their own family members.

In any case, there’s a chance, no matter how small, that we haven’t heard the last of Anthony lawsuits in the future.



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