Former Football Players Suing NFL for Hiding Concussion Data



According to a lawsuit filed by more than 70 former professional football players, the NFL has been hiding data relating to the dangerous effects of a concussions from players for nearly half a century. The NFL released information regarding brain trauma and concussions in June 2010, but the lawsuit alleges that the NFL knew about the information since the 1920s.

The lawsuit reads:

“The NFL knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects on a player’s brain of concussions. However, until June of 2010 they concealed these facts from coaches, trainers, players, and the public.”

The lawsuit was filed at an L.A. County Superior Court today by Mark Duper, a former Miami Dolphin, Otis Anderson, and Rodney Hampton, both former running backs for the New York Giants, and 73 other former NFL players.

All of the players are saying that they have suffered some sort of complication from the multiple concussions they received while playing in the NFL.

[Source: TMZ]

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