Amid NBA Lockout, New League Forms in Las Vegas



Who needs the NBA? A group of nearly 70 professional basketball players are forming a new league at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas.

It’s possible that the player’s union is bluffing in order to gain some more leverage during negotiations, but Hoops World quotes sources like Suns forward Jared Dudley saying that the league is real. And from the looks of it, these won’t just be pickup games.

Impact Basketball is one of the premier Basketball training facilities in the world and many of the NBA’s top players train at Impact during the Summer. Chauncey Billups, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett,  Ron Artest, and many other top talent players have strong relationships with Impact and could find themselves playing in the desert this year.

CBS reports that the Impact league will use the same rules as the NBA and will most likely have its games streamed online. Rosters aren’t set yet, but with nearly 70 players signing up to play, there could still be some good basketball this season.

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