Cats Remake Classic Album Covers [Gallery]

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Earlier this year artist Aaron Savage turned his love for music and legos into some great pop art with a series of lego album covers. Artist Alfra Martini shares a similar passion. But Martini’s not much of Lego fan. Instead, she used cats to recreate her classic album covers.

Martini said:

‘The kitten covers are just a homage to all the great music and music iconography out there. I had no idea how popular they’d become. I just thought I’d play around with some images and lo and behold: David Meowie!”

Martini has created cat covers for Mary J. Blige, Prince, Bob Dylan, and the Ramones. She’s also pretty clever with her cat puns, covering artists like The RaMEOWnes, The Furry Underground, and Cat Morrisson.

Here are some of the best cat album covers.

You can see more cat album covers on Martini’s Tumblr.


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