Na'vi, The Language of Avatar And Other Invented Languages

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Does anyone remember Klingon? That was the language of the “Star Trek” television series as well as the movie There is a Klingon Language Institute. There are works of Shakespeare  translated into Klingon as well.

The film “Avatar” also comes with an invented language, known as Na’vi. And it is developing a worldwide following. Russian linguists have put together and licensed a Russian-Na’vi dictionary. The Russian newspaper “Pravda” which has ditched its sedate appearance for a tone more fitting for the National Enquirer reports as follows.

“The Na’vi language is similar to the Polynesian. The latter is very specific for its glottalized consonants and knacklauts.

The new language has a whole community of fans, who study the language and make dictionaries. Russian enthusiasts created the Russian-Na’vi and Na’vi-Russian dictionary, which was uploaded on the website of the association of lexicographers on March 18.

It is not the first time, when a created language finds a whole army of fans. It has already happened with J.R.R. Tolkien and his legendary work “The Lord of the Rings.”

Don’t worry though. You don’t have to learn Russian in order to study Na’vi. There is a web site to learn it for English speakers. You can link to it here.

The Na’vi language is growing. Words are being added. I am waiting for music to be performed entirely in Na’vi. Before long there will be Na’vi language clubs.

Of course the most famous of all invented languages is Esperanto. It is very easy to learn and bears a strong resemblance to the European Romance languages. There is a lot of very good music in Esperanto (Check out (this video) and of course the Esperanto anthem, “La Espero” (“The Hope”)

There is a powerful creative drive that is expressed in inventing languages. In general, it seems to be a good thing.

What would be far better would be to resurrect dead and dying languages. Dalmatian, for instance is a Romance language from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia that died out in the 19th century. Then there is Etruscan, which vanished mysteriously from Italy. Coptic is believed to have almost completely died out. But it could be resurrected.

It is the extinct languages that truly capture my imagination. But they are another story.

The flag at the top of this article is the Esperanto Flag

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We can say the same about the Na'vi in the video game for Avatar, horrible. Even failed big when giving the characters names with b,d and j in them, which just aren't theere in Na'vi.


"Licensed" by whom, exactly?


"Licensed" by whom, exactly?

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