Dieting 2 Days a Week: A Healthy Holiday Compromise

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A new research study on dieting types reveals some interesting results. According to the study, cutting carbs and calories only two days a week can prove more effective at weight loss than a typical diet which restricts calories every day. With health risks like cancer much higher for the overweight and obese, holiday cravings and splurges should not overrule the importance of maintaining a healthy weight.

A new report by MSNBC Health presented some good news for holiday dieters. According to a new research study, cutting carbs just two days a week while keeping the rest of a diet normal can actually help improve weight loss results.

The weight loss study tracked three different dieting formulas. The first formula followed a more traditional weight loss diet – restricting calorie intake to around 1,500 every day. The second formula recommended eating normally five days a week, but it required dieters to drastically cut their carb intake and restrict calories to around 650. The third formula also recommended cutting carbs two days a week, without as strict a calorie restriction.

The results showed that after four weeks, the dieters who restricted their diets two days a week lost more weight than those who followed the traditional weight loss diet.

The findings were recently presented at a San Antonio based Breast Cancer Symposium. The study was motivated by finding methods to help reduce the risks of developing breast cancer in women. Overweight and obese women are at a much greater risk for developing breast cancer. As research dietician (and the study’s lead author) Michelle Harvie mentions, “We know from our research in animal models that losing weight has the potential for reducing breast cancer risk.” Therefore, finding healthy and effective weight loss methods remains critical for women’s health.

Dieters know all too well the challenges they face around the holidays. Colder weather, holiday parties, and lavish meals often cause diets and weight loss plans to fall to the wayside. However, Michelle Harvie’s words on weight and cancer offer a sobering reminder of how important it is to maintain a healthy weight. With risks like cancer drastically increasing due to weight, even the holidays should not excuse abandoning or suspending a healthy weight loss plan.

Harvie’s findings also show how realistic a weight loss plan can be, even during the holidays. Two “carb cutting” days can easily find their way into any holiday schedule. Although it may be impossible to say no to another cookie or glass of eggnog, this diet plan allows for those occasional splurges. As Harvie reinforces, “We came up with the idea of an intermittent low-carb diet because it enables people to still have foods that are very satiating.”

Most people simply give up and wait until January 1st to acknowledge their weight problems or resume their diets. Unfortunately, the health problems and increased risks associated with a higher weight don’t follow these schedules. Using this two day diet plan, anyone can make it through the challenge of holiday dieting and emerge with a healthier weight.

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