Big is Beautiful: Women are making a Scientific Statement, but is it the Right One?

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In a study that observed the quality of life in both black and white women, results showed that black women were more satisfied with their lives at heavier weights in comparison to their Caucasian counterparts. But is this the kind of research that this day and age really needs to be spending time and money on?

Modern Beauty Ideals?

Health Day News recently released an unusual report that walked a thin line, so to speak, on the concept of women’s quality of life. The report was focused on the analysis of the quality of life in both obese black and white women and how they compared with one another. The ten year study reported that black women had higher self esteem and greater quality of life when they were living at a heavier weight.

Examining over one hundred and fifty individual cases of both white and black women, the research made comparisons to each of their subjects’ lifestyles and how their weight affected them. Looking at categories like self-esteem and sexual life, as well as physical wellness, this study reported that women had lower quality of life as their weight, or Body-Mass-Index, increased. However, according to the Health Day News Article, “…at similar body-mass-indexes, black women consistently had higher quality-of-life scores than white women and self-esteem was particularly high among black women.”

Taking a moment to translate this, it is hard not to read these research findings and think, “Well, that is unusual!” With the constant hyper-sexualization of black women over white women in modern culture, it is no surprise that black women felt more secure at heavier times during the past 10 years! With hip-hop artists, film industries, and even television shows displaying larger women of color in positions of happiness, power or masculine intrigue, it is understandable that black women with body-mass-indexes of a higher level feel more comfortable when compared to white women of the same index.

This is not to say that it is unheard of or unreported that white women have not felt a greater quality of life with a higher body-mass-index. But looking at modern media that portrays Caucasian women, there is an overwhelming demand for Caucasian women to have a lower body-mass-index in comparison to women of ethnic backgrounds, not simply black women. This research report may have only focused on black and white women, but that is hardly enough to make a scientific claim that really is based on media-monopolized minds and opinions of women who have to deal with enough in their day to day lives without having to worry about how they look.

Personally, this writer believes that women these days have enough to worry about in this generation without the constant need to be over concerned with their physical appearance. This is an age where the way a person looks is how they are ultimately judged. This is generation that is taking its cue from beauty pageants and models on the runway as they dictate how women are supposed to look. This is wrong, and when a study is trying to scientifically prove that women of color have better self-esteem and self-image than white women, it stands to reason that this study is not really helping the general well-being of women at all.

So for those individuals that participated in this study and found they were content with how they looked at the end of it: congratulations and more power to them. To those who were still unsatisfied with their quality of life: stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks and find something to improve that quality of life that everyone deserves to have.

Author Ivan Paramore would like to address the major problem of women’s self-esteem issues, especially in the lives of young women in America. He wants to remind these young women to be proud of who they are, regardless of race, age, or body type.

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