Religion Revolutionized: Technology Updating Traditional Religious Practices

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The Internet is reshaping countless aspects of everyday life.  New to experience the revolution: religion.  There are new ways to practice every religion out there.  

Can You Find Religion Through the Internet

Some religious practices, specific to each and every spiritual group, have been around for countless decades, hardly ever modified over the years.  However, the Internet is getting everyone up to speed on a digital lifestyle and religion is starting to follow suit.  Hash-tagging religious buzzwords on Twitter, Bible applications on smart phones, and religious pages on Facebook are reshaping the traditional ways in which religions have been practiced in the past.

Twitter makes it possible to see what other people are saying about a specific topic.  Twitter shows subjects that are “trending” or popular on this social network.  People can tweet anything they want and by adding a “#” (hash-tag), their post becomes searchable by other users.  This can let users know what is being said about a specific topic.  By simply searching words like “prayer” or “spirituality”, users can see what other people have to say about the topic.

Religion-related applications are popping up for smart phones like crazy.   Apps exist for just about any religion imaginable, and new ones are being released very frequently.  Several apps already exist such as Proverbs in a Month, Children’s Bible, Bible Trivia and Church Signs.  Apps like this offer a modernized way to incorporate religion into the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Having these applications is helpful also because they can serve as reminders.  It can sometimes be easy to forget to incorporate your religion into your everyday life, but using a smartphone can combat that.  Seeing an app on your phone can remind you to give your religious practices of choice a few minutes out of your day.

Facebook allows for the creation of pages for any organization conceivable.  Pages can be created for churches, bible studies, ministers, practices, etc.  People can “like” certain pages and connect with other people who have also liked the page.  Facebook pages can provide information such as event calendars, contact information, news updates, and so forth.  Facebook also provides a forum for conversation between visitor and the organization with the page.  Worldwide Religious News stated, “In all, more than half of the top twenty most engaging pages—pages that move beyond mere broadcast messaging to share content that inspires participants to interact with one another—are religious.”  Religion is still a popular topic in the modern world, as proved by this statement.

It’s time for traditional religious practices to get with the times.  Today’s technology is forcing everything to evolve and catch up.  Religion is no exception.  Social media tools can be perfect conduits to incorporate religion into everyday life.  You can easily keep updated on news pertaining to your religion, hear what other people are saying, say what you feel and get any kind of information you may need on any religion.  With today’s evolving technology, there are new, modern ways to practice any religion.

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