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The fashion giant Chanel is continuing to make heads turn. Creative director Karl Lagerfeld has just announced the newest face of the Boy Chanel Handbag line.

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The international model Alice Dellal will front the company’s handbag campaign. The French fashion house made the announcement amid rumors that Lagerfeld had a crush on the model/musician after directing a photo shoot several months ago.

Dellal, many will recall, is the drummer and founding member of the punk metal band Thrush. The controversial model is often called a ‘tomboy’ model as she is known for sparking the trend of undercuts, or a half shaved head. She is regularly spotted in torn fishnet stockings, black leather and dark black eyeliner.

Lagerfeld is known to have eclectic taste and Delall fit the profile for his image of the handbag line. She began to make headlines after working with famed fashion photographer Mario Testino in 2003. Being the face of trendy lines is nothing new to Delall. She has previously worked with such names as Burberry and Vivian Westwood. She was also the face of Mango, the clothing design company.

Delall is considered somewhat of a fashion nonconformist and according to a press release from Chanel: “This previously unforeseen alliance finally became self-evident. Alice Delall represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel Handbag collection, which strives (to be) far from conformist notions of femininity.” Delall will be following in the footsteps of Keira Knightly and Vanessa Paradis in working with Chanel.   The campaign is not due to be released internationally until mid March. However, Chanel has released an exclusive, behind the scenes, shot from the new campaign. In the shot Delall can be seen holding a gray quilted handbag.

Karl Lagerfeld is known for his unique eclectic taste when it comes to choosing faces for brands. After taking over as chief designer for Chanel in 1983 he changed the fashion line from old lines to shorter cuts and eye capturing designs. The company has maintained a high level of success and continues to be a leader in the fashion world. Lagerfeld led the opening of more than 40 boutiques worldwide. These boutiques were known to sell a range of products from $200 per ounce perfumes to $2000 leather handbags.

This helped to expand the product lines of the Chanel, which was typically known as a fragrance company. The first skin care line of Chanel, Precision, was launched in 1999 and that same year launched a collection of sunglasses and eyeglass frames. Semi-recently the company expanded to Asia and opened a new 2,400 square foot boutique in Hong Kong.

The announcing of the partnership of Delall and Chanel is causing quite a stir in the fashion world. Many are anxiously awaiting the release of the handbags and more footage from the photo shoots. A statement from Chanel reads: “Ultra-modern refined and mysterious, Alice Delall is the latest in the line of Chanel muses, each boasting their own inimitable allure.” Mysterious indeed. The fashion world will await the newest Chanel offering.

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