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As 2012 gets underway, Forbes is offering some information to all the working women out there. Forbes outlined the top 10 best jobs for women in 2012. The list is more entertaining than anything else.

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If you’re a women wondering where you belong in the workforce, you’re not alone. Author of Best Jobs for the 21st Century and jobs expert Laurence Shatkin compiled a list of the best jobs for women in 2012. Some listed occupations may not come as much of a shock, and others might make you laugh a little.

The number one job for women this year is as a postsecondary teacher. Postsecondary is a term referring to education after grade and high school such as college, trade schools, or other academies. Forbes reports that currently there are 55,000 job openings in this field with earnings ranging between $59,000 and $94,260 per year. The best part about teaching positions is that there is always a need for them.

As for the next job, I’m not really sure why it is on the list. Anthropologists rank as hot career number two, with 450 job openings. First off, this number is staggeringly low compared to the number one job. Anthropology is the study of humanity, which is a very broad topic to begin with.

I don’t see how this is the number two job on this list. Either way, annual earnings are somewhere around $54,000. But what you’d actually do as an anthropologist is not specified by Shatkin’s report. However, projected growth in the field is currently at 28%. Thanks for the (nearly) useless information, Forbes and Laurence Shatkin.

Number three on the list is oceanographer. Get real Forbes. With only about 100 current job openings in this field, let’s try a little honesty, here. You don’t just become an oceanographer overnight. You have to have a Master’s of Science degree or even a doctoral degree in oceanography to qualify for this job.

Sorry to all the women who thought that they might fall into one of the 100 positions available for oceanography. If you start studying now, you can probably earn the right qualifications in just a shade under a decade. However, by the time you’re done with all your schooling, oceanography may not even be a booming business any longer.

Maybe Forbes can create a list of dream jobs and oceanographer can get placed on that list instead. That might make more sense.

Later on the list, you’ll find medical professionals for which there are 36,000 job openings. Annual earnings fall somewhere in the vast gap between $94,990 and $166,400, depending on your position. This includes all medical fields. It is good to know that medical professionals are always in demand, but obviously, higher education is required for most of those positions, too.

Ultimately, this list is sort of ridiculous. It’s great that Forbes and its “job expert” took the time to compile this list of jobs that not only require extensive education, but also a lot more experience than most people have. However, there is nothing in this list that makes it specifically geared towards women.

If your dream job is on the list and you have the required education, then you might find luck. Chances are, though, you’re probably still stuck in the job minority as well.

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