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The Super Bowl is one of America’s biggest sex trafficking events. Several Organizations recently headed to Indiana to spread information regarding the underground sex-trade.


The Super Bowl has come and gone. Americans got to do what they almost never do: sit their fat backsides down on the couch and lose themselves in the carnal pleasures of television, beer and hot-wings. Okay, okay, so Americans already do that all the time.


But for some, the Super Bowl is more than just the American version of the Greek Colosseum’s brute stupidity. It’s more than just another means of distracting the masses from acknowledging societal injustices. For some it is, in fact, an injustice in-and-of itself.


AccordingtotheChristianPost, The Super Bowl is one of America’s largest sex trafficking events. Thousands of girls, many under-aged, have traveled to Super Bowls over the years to sell themselves in prostitution.


As the Christian Post article describes, “major sporting events like the Super Bowl generally have more men in attendance who are visiting from a different city, and often do things they wouldn’t normally do at home. This creates a demand that “traffickers and pimps are there willing and waiting to supply.”


Volunteers from the Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution (SOAP) organziation have campaigned to combat the epidemic with information. About 150 volunteers headed to Indiana before this past weekend’s event to pass out bars of soap at area hotels. Each bar of soap is wrapped in a label with phrases like “Are you witnessing young girls being prostituted?” The text is accompanied by the number for the human trafficking hotline.


American perspectives on prostitution are mixed. But the sex trade is undoubtedly a major black-market. And like all black-markets, it is unregulated. Many of the girls pimps pass off as 18 are usually far younger.


Appropriately, Christian organizations have taken a serious issue with these sex traffickers. PastorEdYoung of the Fellowship Church believes we should all do our best to combat prostitution. “These principles are not antiquated relics of the past,” said Young. “They apply to a modern Christian’s everyday life.”


While the debate is still out between Christians and non-Christians on prostitution itself, one thing remains absolutely agreed upon: underage prostitution needs to be stopped, especially in America.

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