Is It Finally Time To Fall In Love With Eli Manning?

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The cheers of the crowd as Eli Manning walked off Lucas Oil Field sounded something like, “Hall-of-Famer!,” replacing the call the once yelled “Over-Rated!” This is Eli Manning’s second Super Bowl win, as well as his second MVP. So is it time to jump onto the Eli Manning train and start loving him like we do his brother?


For the second time now, Eli Manning has led the underdog New York Giants to the Super Bowl against the highly-favored New England Patriots. In 2008, Manning and the Giants stopped the Patriots in their tracks on the way to a perfect season. This year still one of the best teams in football the Giants once again closed the door on the Patriots, in their 21-17 win.


As a native New Yorker I can admit, New Yorkers are harder on their sports teams than almost any other city. This is evident in the case of Eli Manning. While he is known to throw an interception or two, and sometimes let the play clock wind to far down, he is still a decent quarterback.


Heck, Manning and the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008 against the best team in football ever, so the experts said.


But New York sports fans never let up on Eli, constantly comparing him to his older brother and hurling a barrage of inadequacies his way. Giants fans now have a little less room to complain with their second Super Bowl win in just four years.


This also sets up the Manning family as a contender for the most dominant sports family ever. In the past six years, a Manning has played in four out of six of those Super Bowls, wining three rings and three MVP trophies.


To celebrate these milestones, the entire Manning family and Giants clubhouse was invited to an “after-after-party” once the official Giants victory party finished. There they showed the amazing catch to Manningham down the sideline in the fourth quarter that took the Giants down field. They also replayed the last tense seconds of the game, where the Pats were trying to drive down the field for one more score to win the game.


It seems that it will finally be okay for Giants fans to admit that they have a good quarterback. They can retire the “Over-Rated” chant and be satisfied with the price they paid for Eli. After two Super Bowl wins in four years, it better be enough.

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