Turner Classics to Feature Classic Oscar Winners


Oscar AwardsCable television station TCM, Turner Classic Movies, will run a series of films featuring Oscar winning films, actors and actresses.

The 31 Days of Oscar will feature Oscar nominees and winners from around the world.  Most recently, the station is featuring films with a New York setting.

Viewers can catch Marlon Brando’s first Oscar winning performance in On the Waterfront, the 1954 Elia Kazan film. This particular film featured other greats, such as Eva Maria Saint and Karl Malden. Malden was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film and Saint won an Academy Award for her role.

On the same evening, viewers can also catch 42nd street from 1930 and 1948’s Naked City.

There are lots of classics to catch during the month of February on TCM. The station has become a fan -favorite for airing films from Hollywood’s golden era. Often, the hosts of the films give exciting insights on the films, either an occurrence during the filming or insights on particular scenes. This gives viewers much pleasure as the information gives fans a deeper understanding of the actors, directors, or cast during the film making process.

Many fans are looking forward to the seeing the films. Of special interest to many is The Apartment. This film stars Jack Lemmon as a cowardly insurance clerk. He grants his cheating boss permission to use his apartment for unscrupulous reasons and soon falls for the boss’s mistress.

The film was directed by famed filmmaker Billy Wilder and featured Shirley McClain and Fred MacMurray alongside Lemmon. Nominated for a whopping ten Academy Awards, the film went on to win five awards and took home the Best Picture award for 1960.

There is much growing demand for many of these classic films. Internet company Loving the Classics provides a database of vintage films for fans to peruse and view. Many of these films are not readily available elsewhere, and fans have been flocking to the site to obtain their own copies.

According to the Loving the Classics website, “To know and appreciate where we are going it is vital to know where we once were. Loving the Classics review allows movie lovers to explore the past of classic film. Timeless stars and starlets will come to life at home; just they did when Hollywood was young.”

Viewers of the 31 Days of Oscar will enjoy the showings of the classic films. Movie buffs will see Gene Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Rock Hudson and Ernest Borgnine. Grab a tub of popcorn, curl up and enjoy the timeless American classics on TCM.

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