Sandusky Allowed To See Kids

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A Judge in the Jerry Sandusky case allowed the defendant to see some of his grandchildren in a recent ruling. Sandusky remains on house arrest, and the recent decision allows him to see only eight of his eleven grandchildren.

The mother of the remaining three children does not wish for them to have contact with Sandusky. An undisclosed source has noted that conditions of the decision forbid conjugal visits in the agreement.

According to CNN, “In his ruling Monday, [the judge] denied the Pennsylvania attorney general’s request that Sandusky be required to stay indoors during his house arrest because of fears from neighbors and teachers at a nearby elementary school. Prosecutors did not present any evidence showing that Sandusky had tried to contact children at the school, Cleland said.”

“Sandusky has been under house arrest since December, when he was charged with sexually abusing young boys over a 15-year period, allegations that led to the firing of the Nittany Lions’ heralded head football coach Joe Paterno only months before he died of complications from lung cancer.”

Sandusky maintains his innocence in the case. Last week, he stated that people were turning on him, a fact his demented mind found “difficult to understand.”

“I’m associated with thousands of young people over the years,” Sandusky said. “And now, all of a sudden, these people turn on me when they’ve been in my home with their kids.”

To some, Mr. Sandusky’s remarks illustrate his psychopathic nature. Others feel that psychopathic tendencies are critical for good football games. The latter argues that we should simply ignore the unforgivable tragedies committed by people like Sandusky. This group believes athletic success more then compensates for rape, murder, and smashing dog skulls with cinder-blocks (amongst other things).

Maybe Mr. Sandusky doesn’t actually recognize the gravity of his current legal predicament. Maybe his overwhelming sense of denial has erased his horrendous crimes from his present consciousness. Either way, one thing is still pretty clear – he ought to keep away from young people for now.

And while the situation is a bit more personal connecting Sandusky to his own grandchildren, critics are absolutely right in lambasting the alleged Sandusky for his above-stated remarks about kids.

All citizens of the U.S. are innocent until proven guilty, and that doesn’t change even for crimes as grave as Sandusky’s. But even if Sandusky wasn’t under a judge’s order to stay away from children, doesn’t it seem like the prudent thing to do given the circumstances?
Either Sandusky’s absolutely out-of-his-mind crazy, or he’s simply that diluted about what’s currently happening.



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