Christians Persecuted Again (For Persecuting)

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The war on Christians is back! According to the Telegraph, the government is shutting down Catholic adoption agencies left and right…on second thought, mostly just right.

Recently, Human Rights watchdog Trevor Phillips hounded Catholic adoption agencies in the United Kingdom. The adoption agencies are accused of discriminating against Homosexual couples, a charge to which they confess. But the agencies claim they have a religious right to discriminate: God says it’s OK to hate gays.

Mr. Phillips declared this religious exemption defense ridiculous. He then said Christian’s calls for exemption from the law were similar to Muslim groups trying to impose Sharia. “To me there’s nothing different in principle with a Catholic adoption agency, or indeed Methodist adoption agency, saying the rules in our community are different and therefore the law shouldn’t apply to us. Why not then say Sharia can be applied to different parts of the country? It doesn’t work.”

Sharia, or Islamic law, is largely associated with draconian punishments like stoning adulterers to death. Which Catholics might also agree with, as long as it only applies to gays.

Andrea Williams, director of the Christian Legal Center called the comments inflammatory. “These comments are deeply illiberal. They are intolerant,” she said. “Trevor Phillips fails to understand the nature of faith and what inspires faith and what makes agencies like Catholic adoption agencies so selfless.” Apparently, Ms. Williams is under the impression that discrimination is a selfless act because it affects others.

Why Catholic adoption agencies exist in the first place is beyond me. Didn’t we learn a couple years ago that Priests don’t play well with young children? Is this hatred of homosexuals simply based in the Catholic misconception that equates gay to child molestation?

Some people believe that the Vatican has lost sight of the true goals of its religion. It’s argued that the tax-free multi-billion dollar organization just spouts out commands to serve its own interests. Christian leader Bishop Jordan notes that “Self-appointed prophets like to spout off inaccurate information all the time. An example of this type of prophet includes a man like Harold Camping, who falsely predicted the end of the world in May 2011.”

If you want to hate homosexuals that’s one thing. But denying couples only increases the risk that the orphan will grow up in foster care. And to take that risk due to sexual orientation is flat out evil.


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