Terror on the Rise: Identifying Terrorist Habits


The newest released statements from the Department of Homeland Security have advised the American Public to be wary of trends and terms. Is the government lending a hand or stirring up their own variety of fear?

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid! The Department of Homeland Security has recently released a statement advising the American people to take notice of certain behaviors, phrases and belief systems. These unusual factors can be evidence of terrorist involvement if not direct terrorism activity.

The DHS wants to ensure that the American Public is well-informed of the kinds of troubles out in the dangerous world they inhabit and deal with on a regular basis.

Keep your eyes peeled in the neighborhood, folks: crazy Mr. Johansen and his radical ideas and ranting at the supermarket might actually be proof that he is working for Al Qaeda.

The DHS, in their latest report, issued a warning to the public to be on guard for specific habits and conversation patterns. According to a report from Blacklisted News, the DHS released a statement which claimed that the view and definition of terrorism and what a terrorist actually is has changed.

The DHS’ statement documented that new terrorists take a definitive stance or have an ideology in the following areas: “anti-global, suspicion of centralized federal authority, belief in conspiracy theories or the belief that one’s national ‘way of life’ is under attack.”

In a similar report from Abovetopsecret.com, certain words and terminologies have been deemed un-American and pro-terrorism. That list includes the posting and usage of these terms in blogs, official documents, online content and, sadly, even commonplace conversations.

Even mentioning these terms in this report makes this writer a potential terrorist.

Naturally, this writer feels the need to mention that terms like, “Offensive Information Warfare, Electronic Surveillance, Juiliett Class Submarines, and cocaine,” are some of his most commonly used phrases in his rhetoric. Despite this fact, this writer could be perceived as a terrorist.

This writer cannot get over the fact that the writings and conversations being monitored by the American Government, which must take up countless amounts of taxpayer dollars, can result in these findings. How did the American public not know that it is wrong to “insert religion into the public sphere?”

Moreover, entire sentences could be conceived as unconstitutional or even threatening to the American people. “Eavesdropping on top secret domestic disturbances or even hosting stakeouts over white noise, porn stars, lock picks or the illuminati, while driving a car over a speed bump when there is a credit card in your pocket along with a satellite phone,” could get you a major head turn from the DHS.

It is this writer’s opinion that the government is either becoming far too paranoid or is trying to implement the same tactics that terrorists have been using. Conspiracy theories aside, these released statements are simply ludicrous. Is our society now to be burdened by scare tactics from its own government?

Author Byll Monahan, 24, is a graduate from Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. If a government official reads this article, you may have to wait a few years to read any more of his thoughts or opinions!

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