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The world of online dating is an “intimidating” one that requires a lot of trust and knowledge of how to safely operate and navigate the web. For those out there that are searching for that special someone, be sure you aren’t putting all of your information out in the open so that people can take advantage of what you have to offer. Take some time and refresh what you may or perhaps may not know about proper online safety.

Cyber-daters, beware: as reported by CNN, online dating security is a major issue, especially today.

The report mentions three frequent mistakes dating sites see people make, but it also warns users to take precautions to prevent any potentially dangerous dating situations.

It might have actually been easier to simply go out to bars and meet in public places than try and establish something “honest” via the Internet. Most online dating sites offer, if not require, photo identification. Even then, how can anyone be sure that they are even talking to the person in the picture? The blind date almost seems as if it has been enhanced over the years, no?

Blind dates are hardly even heard of any more in our modern and advanced society. Now, we have the tools and abilities to do background checks, personality compatibility tests and even get a sneak peak at who we might be meeting up with for a romantic dinner at Pizza Hut.

With social networking sites in addition to online dating sites, it is impossible for people to make a claim that there is no one out there for them.

Hundreds of dating sites are active and operating and are successfully making matches and connections for single people left and right. Countless numbers of Americans alone have explored if not still actively use online dating as an initial wade into the dating pool.

Many people find this system more suitable than trying to pick someone up at a bar or other scene of an alcohol induced nature. The only downside to online dating is the fact that there is really no real way to verify if someone is real or not.

For all intents and purposes, one could be talking to a robot on the other end of the email they just sent, describing their whole family history and what they are looking for in a potential mate.

Taking safety precautions can be the difference between an incredible first date with a new person and ending up with your identity stolen, or worse. As the CNN article continues, “What to do and what not to do with photos,” can make of break a persons online dating experience.

Moreover, simple terminology in text can be misconstrued or taken offensively. Any statement that includes the text, “Not to sound creepy, but…” is probably going to sound creepy anyway. Professional opinions say, “Keep it to yourself!” It is important to share some manner of information about yourself, but don’t show all the cards right away. Personal information is personal for a reason. Leave something to the imagination, in pictures and text details alike.

For many people new to the online dating scene, it can seem daunting at first sight. Many of these people simply don’t know what the danger signs even are for potential security threats.

As noted tech firm Commission Launcher mentions on a blog, “[we’re] constantly trying to stay ahead of the [tech] curve. Because of this, we regularly inform our clients about the newest trends…” Even in something as seemingly harmless as online dating, understanding the newest tech trends and security threats can help keep users safe.

There is something hard to comprehend about online honesty. If people can be that honest in text and digital information, why can’t they be that honest in the real world? Why is online dating so much more accessible? Is this generation destined to become the time of all cyber interaction, including weddings, funerals and births? At this rate, it isn’t too much of a stretch.


Author Byll Monahan, 24, is a graduate from Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. He thinks online dating is a worth while adventure for those who chose to explore it. Although, he believes nothing beats getting dressed up, looking amazing, feeling good, and going out to have a good time.

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