Finger Lost in iPad Theft. Video Released

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When Bill Jordan was sent out by his boss to buy an iPad, he had no idea that it would cost him a piece of a finger. But video footage from the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver Colorado seems to show that Jordan was being shadowed before the violent theft. It was a bizarre twist to what would have been an “ordinary” theft. Jordan had wrapped the cord of  the bag in which his purchase had been placed around his pinky finger. So violently did the thief tear the bag out of his hand that he stripped the skin from his pinky finger in the process. Doctors have since amputated a part of the finger.

Fortunately for Jordan, there is video footage of the theft, including one facial shot of the thief. The thief’s ear is very clearly shown, which is good news for law enforcement. Ears are as unique as fingerprints. And if the ear in a picture from a theft can be linked to a suspect with the same ear, it would be hard evidence to refute.

Viewers all across America can now see the robbery video. I have posted the link here as well as the still shot at the top of this article. I hope the perp is quickly brought to justice. And I hope that all fancy electronic gadgets come with locational devices that can be activated when one is stolen. People should not be murdered or dismembered because a thief covets their property. With mall videos and locational devices, the fight against such crime could be a whole lot easier. Until then, I hope an indignant public brings this perp to justice.

Photo of suspect from AP News

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