The Controversy Behind Whitney Houston Continues

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Whitney Houston has died, but the rumors surrounding the cause of her death have not.

Even as Houston was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Newark N.J. on Sunday, speculation swirls around the facts in the case.

When Whitney Houston was found dead in a room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel this month, the cause was not immediately identified. As everyone around her knew, she had battled a highly publicized drug problem in her past.

Her family held an invitation- only service near her childhood home,  CNN Entertainment reports.

But other news sources paint a picture of family members who quickly stripped Houston’s hotel room of its contents and put Houston’s personal possessions promptly up for sale. An auction featuring Houston’s black dress and earrings worn in “The Bodyguard” will be held as soon as next month.

Could the celebrity’s death have been caused by a drug overdose, specifically, the Xanax she had been purported to take to ward off anxiety? If so, Whitney would be forever added to the walk of fame  celebrities who have taken their own lives- in the company of Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain, and many others.

At the funeral, “The Bodyguard” costar Kevin Costner talked to family and friends about “The inexplicable burden that comes with fame Call it doubt. Call it fear. I’ve had mine. I know the famous in the room have had theirs,” Costner said.

Was the burden of fame too much for Whitney Houston, as it proved to be for so many others?

Whitney Houston rose to stardom during the 1980s. She was famous for her biggest hits: “How Will I Know”, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, and later, “I Will Always Love You”.

Whitney and husband Bobby Brown would appear in the spotlight numerous times for drug-related issues during her lifetime.

The Los Angeles County Coroner reported that Houston’s lungs did not contain enough water to warrant drowning, leading to speculation that she died before submerging in the hotel bathtub, authorities said.

Houston, famous in life, and now famous in death, is free from the “inexplicable burden” of stardom. Her fans remain in waiting for word surrounding the death of the women that some say had the greatest voice of our time.

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