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In the wake of recent political controversy over covering contraception, remembering the tenets of our faith and putting our differences aside allows us to help people all over the world who are less fortunate.

On the afternoon of January 12, 2010, the shantytowns and high rise buildings of downtown Port-Au-Prince, Haiti were hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that left tens of thousands dead, and many of the country’s poorest people displaced and in desperate need of help.

Some people were buried alive for days before help arrived. Many lost family members in the wreckage of crumbled buildings. The search for survivors went on for ten days in the wreckage that included many national landmarks and historic treasures.

Humanitarian aid and supplies poured in from all over the world, but was hampered by a lack of telephone or electric due to the quake.

That’s when Pastor Ed Young Jr. and his wife Lisa, jumped into action. They gathered members  of their church outreach group, the Creative Church Culture, nicknamed C3. The organization opened its arms and provided some 1 million meals to the nation’s needy.

Ed Young Jr. has ignited controversy lately in Christian circles regarding the church and his views on sex, sexuality and the place of God in the lives of married couples.

As a blog on the pastor mentions, “it is the brave views that Ed Young Jr. has towards sex and marriage that cause much of the criticism aimed at the pastor. Some accuse Ed Young Jr. is preaching against Christian belief by even speaking about the issues of sex and sexuality.”

Recent attempts by religious institutions to opt out of covering contraceptives for employees, as detailed in many recent articles including a Huffington Post article, has even Catholic leaders divided.

Yet, helping others is a basic belief in the Christian faith – and it is one way that leaders can overcome divisions and focus on a common goal. That’s why Young Jr. established the Hope4Haiti mission which provided some of the first loads of food and medical supplies after the quake.

His group, Creative Church Culture, is made up of Christian leaders who are focused on putting differences aside in an attempt to help people, and spread the message of Christianity.

In his sermons, Young offers a fresh perspective on the role of sex in strengthening the bonds of married couples. He is passionate about the role of family in the Christian household.

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