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A recent Forbes article describes the advantages of brand humanization can bring to a business. Social media can bring about this phenomenon, explains marketing professional Christopher Uzzi.

Forbes recently published an article by Meghan M. Biro, entitled “5 Warnings for Leaders: Brand Humanization is Not a Social Media Fad”. In it, Biro explores the potential of social media for creating trust bonds between businesses and consumers. Appealing to people on a human level has always been a challenge for businesses, but social marketing is making it easier.

For the first time ever, social media allows businesses to have conversations with their customers. This provides an important relationship to grow.

Much of advertising relies on “trust marketing”—consumers choose the businesses they feel they can trust. An important part of this is “brand humanization”.

It’s becoming bigger than customers interacting with cashiers, servers, or customer service representatives. Though these are important ways of putting a face to a business’s name, social media gives a voice to the businesses themselves.

Most importantly, it allows the customer to be part of the conversation. When used right, says marketing consultant Christopher Uzzi, social marketing can create an altogether new marketing forum for a business. However, it does require some strategy.

“Mixing in some more interactive or engaging tweets certainly does not hurt,” recommends Christopher Uzzi. “If it’s all business all the time, you’ll be less likely to attract followers who are maybe on the fence about your products and services.”

This kind of strategy is what “brand humanization” is all about. Rather than posting information for potential customers to read on their own, successful social marketing will start a conversation.

Social media lends itself to forming communities, which businesses can use to their advantage. The topic of conversation within a community could easily be an anecdote about their company. It’s up to the companies themselves to initiate this dialogue.


Professional marketing consultant Christopher Uzzi specializes in social marketing for small businesses. He is from Ashville, North Carolina.

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