Veterinarian Steven Albritton Stands With Actress Alyssa Milano on Spay/Neuter Issue

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Actress Alyssa Milano recently tweeted in favor of spaying and neutering pets. Steven Albritton, a veterinarian, applauds Milano for taking a stand. Spaying and neutering prevents millions of unwanted animals from being born each year.

Alyssa Milano is an actress known for her roles on television and in movies. She’s also known for her vegetarianism and role as an animal advocate. It is no surprise that she teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society to promote spaying and neutering.

Milano recently tweeted “Help save millions of unwanted pets by joining this @BFAS campaign. #fixatfour?” The tweet went out to her over 2 million Twitter followers as well as anyone interested in the Best Friends Animal Society.

Vet Steven Albritton sees firsthand what not spaying or neutering a pet can do. Each year, three to four million unwanted pets are euthanized. Fixing pets so that they cannot reproduce prevents the birth of millions of animals every year. Reducing the number of unwanted newborn pets eases the strain currently placed on animal shelters and veterinarian offices.

While many pet owners are glad to spay or neuter their furry friends, there is still a lot of confusion around the issue, notes Steven Albritton. For example, many pet owners do not realize that cats and dogs can become pregnant at a very young age compared to humans. That is why the Best Friends Animal Society is running a “Fix at Four” campaign.

Four months of age is the ideal time to spay or neuter a pet. The younger a pet is when the procedure is completed, the shorter her healing time. Kittens are able to get pregnant by the age of four months and puppies at the age of six months. For pet owners who are eager to get the job done, spaying and neutering surgery is available as early as eight weeks.

Cost should not be an issue when it comes to spaying or neutering a pet, notes Steven Albritton. Many vets can complete the surgery for around $100 or $150. Spay/Neuter clinics provide the service for a very low cost. Plus, fixing a pet is ultimately far less expensive than the costs of a pregnancy and delivery of a litter.


Steven Albritton is a veterinarian and the owner of Albritton Animal Hospital in North Carolina. Albritton’s love for animals was instilled in him from birth on. His family adopted an English setter who was with them throughout the veterinarian’s childhood.

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