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As the usage of online dating rises among Internet users, so do the incidents of online phishing attacks. Events and Adventures offers a safe alternative to dangerous online dating sites.

Everyone knows what it’s like to mingle single. To a handful, it’s the way to go. For the majority of us, though, living the single life is lonely. The lonely life can lead many to trying, at any cost, to find a mate. This is precisely why dating sites are rising in popularity.

The reasons for the rise are understandable. Dating sites are convenient; everything you need to start is at your fingertips. It’s also fairly inexpensive. And often even free. But these benefits do not outweigh the tragedies that may result from online dating.

An article on explains a very specific example of such tragedies. It explains why online dating can lead to disastrous results. In addition, it offers advice on how to stay safe. One such piece of advice involved joining a singles’ group, like Events and Adventures.

The incident described in the article revolves around the dating site The website is one of the most popular for online daters. Due to its popularity, people may, by default, trust it. While unsurprising as the trust it, it can lead to complications.


Some customers of received an email that supposedly was sent from the site. The email asked the customer to click a link to resolve a problem with the user’s inbox on the site. Of course, many trusted the email as legitimate. Obviously, some users clicked the link.

The link lead to a website that emulated’s actual site. Text boxes asked for the customers’ usernames and passwords to sign in. Some users actually took the bait and followed the instructions.

Those who did follow the instructions put their security on the line. Experts call this sort of online scheme “phishing.” Those who phish can trick people in many ways. And it’s easy to take the bait because some phishing schemes seem extremely real. Most proponents of in-person dating, such as Events and Adventures, cite this as evidence against online dating.

The article suggests caution if you’re asked to provide information of any kind in any way. Misleading emails and other schemes can put your identity, bank account, and reputation on the line. Before trusting any such email, look before you leap.


Events and Adventures is an international organization for singles wanting to start having fun again. The company holds group events in cities across the U.S. and Canada to bring singles together for fun and relaxation. 

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