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As research into the concussions occurred during sporting events continues, researchers find that deer antler velvet spray can reduce the risk of long-term health effects. Players in the NFL, such as Brian Russell, celebrate these new discoveries.

Due to recent research in sports medicine, it has come to the attention of doctors that sports injuries can lead to disastrous results. Particularly in the NFL, where Brian Russell spent the majority of his sports career, these injuries are common. Repeated head injuries and concussions can lead to atypical behavior much later in life.

According to, researchers have found that a very unlikely treatment may alleviate potential risks. The treatment in question? Deer antler velvet spray.


Deer antler velvet is the material that grows on young bucks’ antlers. The material aids in healthy growth of the surrounding areas of the deer’s cranium.

Doctors have supported this new treatment in an effort to spur NFL officials. They desire the officials to allow NFL players, like Brian Russell, to use the deer antler velvet spray. The scientists say the players should be allowed to use the spray during and after playing. Even into retirement, the deer antler velvet spray could prove beneficial.

One researcher, Dr. Bruce Fong, has stated that he uses the spray regularly at his own wellness clinic. He speaks of the powerful effect the treatment has to reduce inflammation. He goes on to talk about the spray’s ability to help patients recover and heal from concussions.

The spray, studies have shown, promotes regenerating effects in damage nerve cells. In doing so, the treatment allows the cells to grow and increases the cells’ functionality. “Animal studies have demonstrated a direct stimulatory effect on motor neuron axons for increased regeneration and repair,” Fong says.


As sports followers know, some players and sports officials have filed lawsuits with the NFL. These ongoing suits revolve around the long-term effects of repeating head injuries. One would think numerous cases of the life-altering effects of concussions would prompt the NFL to action. Doctors remain hopeful that the studies around deer antler velvet spray will aid in educating the NFL officials.

More than 100 former NFL players have submitted suits regarding this issue. The discovery of this new treatment may help them win their suits. But more importantly, it may help them and others live healthier, safer lives.


As a player for the NFL, Brian Russell is a well-respected player. Through his years of playing, he has established himself as a well-rounded and valuable footballer. 

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