Beauty Pros Behind Keranique Dish Hot Summer Hair Care Tips

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The heat and humidity of summer means women need to focus a bit more attention on their hair to keep it looking healthy and stylish. The team behind Keranique, a line of hair care products for women, share tips for healthy, full hair all summer long.

Summer is here and that means beachy waves are in. While hairstyles relax in the summer heat, some women go out of their way to cause damage to their hair. Swimming and lying in the sun all day can wreck hair. But fashion and beauty pros have tips to help women keep a healthy head of hair all summer long.

One simple tip, from stylist Nicholas Penna Jr., is to wash the hair before going for a swim. Using a product such as the Revitalizing Shampoo from Keranique protects hair from damage caused by chlorine or salt in the pool or ocean water.

Conditioning is also key to keeping hair healthy throughout the hot summer months. Salt, chlorine and sun all do their best to dry out hair in the heat. Using conditioner regularly keeps hair soft and manageable. Penna recommends using a leave-in conditioner right after swimming to lock in moisture. A once a week deep conditioning treatment is a must. He also suggests washing the hair again after a swim, to rinse away any chemicals.

The Revitalizing Shampoo from Keranique does more than just wash away chemicals, though. It keeps the hair’s cuticle smooth and promotes shine.

Many women decide to go a shade or two lighter in the summer. Hair bleaching or lightening is something best left to the pros, according to Penna. The team at Keranique agree. Homemade lighteners such as lemon juice strip the hair, leading to more damage. Hair that is bleached with peroxide can become brittle and dry. Women who want to lighten up should see a professional or make sure to use a lot of conditioner to keep hair moisturized and healthy.

To help women battle frizzy hair in the humid weather, Penna says his secret weapon is dryer sheets. Running a dryer sheet over the hair helps smooth it down and reduce frizz.


Keranique is a line of hair care products made exclusively for women. The products restore and refresh hair, leaving it healthy and strong. Hair regrowth treatments contain the only over-the-counter ingredient proven to re-grow hair on the scalp.

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