Almeda University Agrees: Degree Holders More Likely to Find Work

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It has been a rough few years for the economy and unemployment. A new report finds that only 30 percent of recent high school graduates have been able to find work. A college degree such as those offered by Almeda University, nearly double a person’s likelihood of finding a job.

The value of a college degree has long been known. People with degrees earn considerably more over their lifetimes than people who only have high school diplomas or people who have never finished high school.

New studies show that a college degree not only improves a person’s salary, it also improves their ability to find work, especially in a rough economy. A recent study surveyed 544 people who finished high school between the years of 2006 and 2011. Only 30 percent of the 544 had a full-time job. Nearly 90 percent of those with a job received pay on an hourly basis. The median rate of pay per hour was just $7.50, only 25 cents higher than the federal minimum wage.

Those lucky enough to have a job did not believe it was a stepping stone on the path of their career, either. Most employed high school grads see their current jobs as just a job, something to pay the bills. Only 9 percent of those surveyed said they were currently pursuing a career.

Almeda University finds the new study extremely valuable. Since 1997, Almeda University has offered degrees to people based on life experience and learning. The school is currently accepting students and is willing to enroll recent grads who are looking to take the next step in life. The Traditional Learning Program at the college is designed specifically for recent high school graduates or for students who have taken a year or two of college.

According to the study, 33 percent of graduates said that they were considering pursuing college while 9 percent said they were considering another type of post-high school training. For many students, an education from Almeda College could be the right fit. The school offers affordable programs for all stages of life.


Almeda University was formed in 1997 as a distance learning program. In 2001, the school established an online presence. It currently offers undergraduate degrees as well as masters and doctorate degree programs. In addition to its degree programs, Almeda University also offers a wide selection of non-credit courses intended for professional development.

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