Mascon Restoration Celebrates Restoration of Historic Homes


Ernest Hemingway’s boyhood home was sold to a couple who plan to restore it and use it for living, viewing, and research purposes. Mascon Restoration, a New York-based construction company, firmly believes that restoring homes is a great way to celebrate history and turn a profit.

Ernest Hemingway’s boyhood home in Oak Park, Illinois, was sold to Kurt and Mary Jane Neumann for $525,000. Steve Scheuring of Oak Park’s Baird & Warner sold the property, which is located at 600 N. Kenilworth.

“I have sold many fantastic homes,” said Scheuring, “but in the past 13 years this has been one of the most interesting and rewarding.”

News that the home was on the market went viral on February 21st. Afterwards, the showing schedule became so intense that Scheurig had to create a schedule that was “booked solid and then some.” Inquiries arrived from as far away as Japan.

Still, Scheuring described the experience in one word: “Cool.”

There was a total of three offers. In the end, the Neumanns’ contract was accepted because of the promise of the relationship between them and the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park.

“The foundation [is] ever mindful of their privacy and ownership,” Scheuring said, “and the new owner [has] an elevated understanding of what they have.”

John Berry, chairman of the foundation, said the Neumanns intend to live in the house. They therefore intend to restore it as a single-family home, as it was in 1906. Currently, it is divided into three apartments. The restoration was a major factor in their decision.

Mascon Restoration, a construction company that restores historic and/or damaged homes, has always known the importance of their work. A historic home restoration reflects the community’s respect of its history.

The Neumanns want to open the house to the public. Occasionally, they will host viewings and allow research. Their interest in Hemingway has caused their wish to share their newly acquired treasure with the community.

“All in all, a satisfactory outcome from the foundation’s perspective,” said Berry. “The family’s plan to share the house with the community pleases the foundation’s board very much. It promises to be a fine collaboration.”

Mascon Restoration, too, has found that the restoration of historic homes brings the community closer together. Oak Park has long celebrated its connection to Hemingway. This has most recently been expressed through the home’s renovation, and its restoration to its former glory.


Mascon Restoration is a New York company offering a number of restorative services. These include roofing, waterproofing, masonry, and façade inspection.

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