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As our days get longer and hotter, it’s necessary to take steps to protect us from the sun. A stance Nue Science supports, doctors and scientists suggest extreme care when it comes to skin. The sun can permanently and fatally damage skin. Take the extra steps to prevent aging or even cancerous effects.

Now that summer is well on its sunny way, taking extra care to protect the skin from harm is extremely important. As everyone is getting more sun, it’s vital to understand how sun affects the body. Nue Products, a company that specializes in maintaining, healthy, radiant skin, has several suggestions for sun-bathers. And according to, those suggestions are spot-on.

Most people associate sun protection measures with swimming. But that doesn’t even come close to covering all possible sun exposure activities. Enjoyers of summer fill their days with hiking, boating, outdoor sports, and more. It’s not enough to just apply sun block when you’re swimming.

Doctors and scientists agree that you can get more sun during certain hours of the day. The most severe hours typically fall between noon and 4p.m. In the mornings, studies show, ultraviolet (UV) radiation is considerably less. At all costs, aim to do your outdoor tasks and fun in the mornings.

Dr. M.K. Shah serves as the medical director of the Strecker Cancer Center in the Marietta Memorial Hospital. He suggests, along with Nue Science, to do everything you can to protect your skin. It’s important to cover with clothing as much as the skin as possible. Where skin remains exposed, use sun-block.

When using sun screen lotion, it’s important to use a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. A lotion with SPF 15 protects users from 93% of ultraviolet radiation. It’s also important to reapply the lotion every two to three hours while outside.

“How much sun screen should I use?” people may ask. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests one ounce of lotion for the exposed areas of the skin. The academy additionally suggests to purchase water resistant lotion. Dr. Shah also suggests that fair-skinned folks take extra care, as they are more vulnerable to sun harm.

When outside, consider how the sun affects the skin. If no steps are taken, damaging conditions may result. Nue Science, along with the leading doctors of the country, suggest keeping the skin healthy.


Nue Science creates and sells safe and effective skin-care products. Clinically proven and cruelty-free, their products target aging skin with some of the most effective formulas available.

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