Lyme Disease a Growing Threat: QMedRx Offers Quality Treatment

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Lyme disease is a big threat that many people tend to ignore. In light of recent research, QMedRx offers treatment, and raises awareness.

Everybody loves spending time outside, but there are always little dangers lurking in the grass. People know how to avoid bees, and to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. But they tend to forget an even tinier threat with a big impact. Black-legged ticks, or deer ticks as they’re commonly called, spread Lyme disease, and the symptoms are nothing to joke about.

Recently a group of experts convened in Providence, Rhode Island to discuss the pest and disease. They want to examine vaccines and cures for the disease which afflicts tens of thousands of Americans annually. They report an increase in ticks this year, no doubt related to the unusually warm winter.

The symptoms of the disease are unpleasant to say the least. The very slightest include joint swelling and pain, fatigue, fogginess, mood swings, headaches, and muscular dysfunction. Since these symptoms are common with several other ailments, the disease is often misdiagnosed. People who go untreated can tell you, that the affliction only gets worse from there. In fact, Canada, who rarely see cases of Lyme disease, finds its citizens coming to the U.S. to seek treatment. Our doctors are much more equipped to deal with the disease.

According to doctors and researchers, when blood tests are administered, they aren’t always searching for the right thing. The blood tests search for one particular strain of the disease. When that doesn’t appear, it is easy to dismiss the symptoms as a result of lack of sleep or exercise.

Until cures or vaccines are developed, all that people can do is prevention tactics. These are simple methods that QMedRx suggests to try and minimize your exposure to ticks, and therefore Lyme disease.

  • Wear fully protective clothing. Tuck long pants into your socks, and wear long sleeve shirts.
  • As soon as you are away from wooded areas, check yourself for ticks. You can catch them before they bite.
  • Use tick repellant. Spray it on skin and clothes to maximize protection.
  • Be sure to check children and pets for ticks as well.

QMedRx Wants people to stay safe so that they don’t have to employ their strategies. Even if you get the disease and have it treated, many patients suffer relapses. It is a disease that can lie dormant and do more damage later on. But the sooner it is treated, the better. If you experience the symptoms, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for an in depth blood test.


QMedRx is a professional, physician-directed specialty care pharmacy, licensed in 44 states. They have been operating since 1990, and at-home services are their primary care method.

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