Sadhana Chalasani supports HIV/AIDS activism through events like the Mountain Grannies’ walkathon

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The Mountain Grannies’ of Banff and Canmore, Alberta organized a walkathon for HIV/AIDS awareness in Africa on June 10. Sadhana Chalasani supports such events and fundraisers for medical issues awareness.

On June 10, the communities of Banff and Canmore, Alberta, Canada, united for an AIDS awareness event. The Mountain Grannies’ Stride to Turn the Tide fundraiser was created to raise HIV/AIDS awareness. The walkathon fundraiser was overseen by the Mountain Grannies of Banff and Canmore.

In addition to raising aware, the fundraiser also sought to raise money for the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This Foundation does charity work in numerous countries in Africa. They particularly specialize in HIV/AIDS relief for affected groups.

Before the walk, everyone gathered at Canmore Civic Center. To commence the fundraiser, a musical offering was served. The Canmore Djembe Drummers played Fanga, a Liberian welcoming piece. Everyone held hands (except the drummers) and danced in a circle

Then the 1.5 kilometer walk commenced. The Grannies had originally planned for an additional 4K and 8K. However, the weather didn’t allow it. With an immense amount of rain, the group deemed the two longer paths unsafe.

However, in spite of the setbacks, the fundraiser was indeed a success. Firstly, community members joined in awareness and solidarity. Additionally, the Stride to Turn the Tide raised over $11,000 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Many of the Grannies in the group had actually visited HIV-stricken African nations. Leslie Lewis spent a little time in Mali. She remarks on the people there. “It was so amazing how hard the grandmothers work, how hard the women work in general. … I just want to support them and just be on their side in general.”

That choice to stand up for HIV/AIDS awareness is one shared by many across the globe. Even youngsters, like Sadhana Chalasani, have advocated for more awareness for medical crises. Sadhana Chalasani has supported both HIV/AIDS and breast cancer awareness.


Sadhana Chalasani leads her life with purpose, with hopes of a medical career. Despite her young age, she has engaged in activism for both breast cancer and AIDS. 

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