Kam Habibi Highlights How Chiropractic Care Can Boost Economy

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An article recently shed light on the ways in which chiropractic care can improve the economy. Kam Habibi, a renowned and tenured chiropractor, has highlighted the major ways this is possible.

Research studies have indicated that between 80 and 90 percent of people experience some back pain in their lives. However, a miniscule amount of them ever seek help from a chiropractor. People do not realize that chiropractic care is essential for lasting pain relief and alleviation. This is a problem that has more repercussions than medical and business professionals ever thought previously.

On one hand, getting help and care from a chiropractic specialist can improve one’s wellbeing more than seeing a general medical physician can. Moreover, people do not realize that temporary fixes like pain medication are the furthest thing from helpful. Surely, painkillers can manage back pain, but they do not have positive lasting effects. Enhancement and corrective care from a licensed chiropractor always proves more effective in a number of ways. On the other hand, business professionals are finally realizing the monetary implications of people visiting specialists over general physicians.

Chiefly, many people choose to seek advice from general medical physicians when they need a specialist, or they choose not to find help at all. A professional chiropractor, like Kam Habibi, is capable of truly treating and repairing the underlying issues associated with back pain. In this way, it seems obvious that people suffering from back pain should always consult a chiropractor before any other medical practitioner.

It has recently come to light that health care costs directly related to spine and back issues. While it isn’t just basic pains people need help with, there are underlying medical issues that need specialized consultation. Generally, hospitals and primary care facilities charge more than a specialist does. While your individual co-pay may not indicate this difference, it is certainly true. Meanwhile, the monetary implications are vast and varied.

First, medical costs always have the potential to detract from the overall economy, albeit especially in a capitalist market. Second, the amount of work people miss due to back pain has a great impact on the economy considering 80-90% of people suffer from back pain in their lives. Ultimately, chiropractic care is the best, most cost-effective form of treatment for spine and back issues.


Kam Habibi is certified by several prominent medical boards and organizations who specializes in medical issues with the spine and back. He has worked in the chiropractic discipline for over 15 years. He has established an array of practices and affiliate offices throughout Florida. In 2011, the Atlantic Chiropractic Association bestowed Dr. Habibi with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

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