NHL Lockout is Affecting More than Players and Owners


The NHL lockout continues to drag on into another month as owners still cannot settle on a deal that would settle lockout. While players have been overseas playing for international leagues, the lockout has also been affecting those who do business at the arenas where games are played.



The NHL lockout has been trudging on with no good news in sight after two months. The negotiating parties have met several times in the amount of days that have passed and there has been no positive consequence from the outcome. As of now the possibility of a full season has gone the way of the warm early fall weather. One impact that has gone overlooked in the whole scenario is the livelihoods of people who work in the stadiums where NHL games are held.



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It takes more than a hockey team and fans to make an NHL game run, and they are the unsung victims of the lockout. Many concession stand and kiosk workers, as well as other support staff have been feeling the financial pinch that a lack of hockey has left in its place. Some arenas still hosts a schedule of other events, and with the start of the NBA, some relief is in sight, but it doesn’t guarantee regular work. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, one United Center employee said that his family will have a Christmas, but it wont be the same due to the dependence they have on the money brought in from NHL games and events.



Many establishments around arenas have been lagging in business due to the lockout. In Chicago, bars on Madison Street near the United Center, the arena where the Chicago Blackhawks play, have been hurting slightly since fans are not dropping in for drinks before or after games. While the Chicago Bulls play at the same arena, local bar owners say that the mentality of the two groups of fans is very different when it comes to patronizing the bars. Hockey fans tended to come in earlier before games and stay later after in comparison to their basketball counterparts who were in and out most times. Business owners are hoping that the season is not a total loss so their businesses stay afloat.



The NHL lockout has been official since the beginning of October and continues into the current month. The original intention of having an 82-game season is now unrealistic and the impact is being felt by all who rely on the NHL for income

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