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A trial program in the Fort Worth, Texas area aims to bring normally expensive legal services like divorce proceedings to people who cannot afford them. Ruben Law Firm San Francisco likes the concept and hopes that it’ll expand to things beyond divorce.

 A group of Fort Worth, Texas lawyers held a gathering with judges and clerks to assist people who need legal help and cannot afford an attorney. The clinic dealt mainly with divorce proceedings and other civil law matters that people on the lower classes couldn’t afford.

Of the 19 people the attorneys and legal officials assisted, the majority of the people involved were trying to file divorce papers and couldn’t because the attorneys they consulted wanted a large amount of money that the client didn’t have. Some could pay the money, but would have not been able to make ends meet if they had gone through with their original consulting attorney. One of the people the program helped was on medical leave from her job but still needed to file for divorce out of necessity. The compensation she was receiving for being on leave was certainly not enough for the process involved.

Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is happy that other attorneys are doing some good for their community and helping those less fortunate with necessary legal council and assistance. The law firm that helped organize the event brought together several local attorneys, court judges, and court clerks in an aim to improve the pro bono legal services of the Fort Worth area and get a read on other services that they can provide in their clinics in the future. They modeled their system after successful programs currently underway in Austin and San Antonio.

While the clinic mainly dealt with divorce proceedings and other related legal advice this time, the organizers of the clinic hope to expand their abilities with the next clinic to helping with writing wills and tenant-landlord disputes among other things. Ruben Law Firm San Francisco agrees with the attorneys that organized this event that more law firms should do pro bono work to help give back to their communities.


Ruben Law Firm San Francisco is based right in downtown San Francisco and specializes in family law. They help with all aspects of divorce, including property division, child custody, and the financial costs that come with divorce.

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