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Vera Wang is not the only jewelry outlet to offer men’s diamond wedding rings. According to a recent article, selling them may be due to New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage last year. But PrimeStyle, which is also headquartered in New York, definitely has Vera Wang beat.

A Daily Mail report lists Vera Wang’s newest editions. The two wedding bands are sold “exclusively” on for $2,199.99 and $1,999.99, respectively. One ring has a double row of diamonds, while the other is adorned with a single row of seven diamonds. Both pieces feature two princess-cut sapphires, which accent the round-cut diamonds. The designs, part of the Vera Wang LOVE Collection, join the over 60 rings for women in the same collection.

“Creating a line of beautiful diamond engagement rings and bridal jewelry is a natural extension of my passion for designing bridal fashion,” said Wang. No doubt she feels the same about her masculine creations.

But though the U.S. is in love with her jewelry, some aren’t in love with her prices. That’s where PrimeStyle comes in. Customers can save 50 percent to 78 percent off retail prices because they are not a store, according to their website. Their prices on men’s wedding bands range from $685.99 to $1,518.99.

And they have quite the variety since beginning only a few years ago. Twenty-three metal rings decorate the factory-direct vendor’s website in a wide range of shapes, cuts, and carat weights (CTs). For instance, one can purchase a 0.80CT men’s round-cut diamond wedding band—a comparable version of Wang’s 0.75CT—for only $868.99, or about 57 percent off Wang’s price. The ring, like Wang’s, comes in brilliant 14K white gold to start. However, unlike Wang’s, one can choose to upgrade the best-seller to either 18K white gold or platinum.

Upgrading to 18K white gold costs $1,127.99, while choosing platinum adjusts the price accordingly to a maximum of $1,890.99. That can save the customer about five percent for platinum to about 44 percent for 18K gold. In addition to metal type, diamond quality (which also affects price) can be selected. Again, that’s unlike Wang’s—the fact a shopper can select as well as the better clarity offered. More men’s rings are set to be introduced in Vera Wang’s LOVE collection, but it appears that what you see is what you get from the designer.

Not so with PrimeStyle, which has emerged as a real competitor to the Wang Dynasty.And the reviews, just like the diamonds, are stunning.

About: PrimeStyle’s selection of jewelry not only includes rings, but diamond pendants and bracelets as well. Ring customization is also available on their website,, for jewelry that’s uniquely one’s own.

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