Battered East Coast Braces For New Storm

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Nor'easter To Hit One Week After Superstorm Sandy

A battered Northeast is preparing for another storm to his on Wednesday just one week after Superstorm Sandy left a trail of destruction across the coast.

The new storm, called a nor’easter, will likely bring destruction to the same low-lying areas and coastline hit by Sandy, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Evacuations began again in some of the hardest hit areas from last week’s storm, while worries about electricity gasoline, and shelter space continued.

The nor’easter is expected to arrive on Wednesday and stay on through the night. It will likely bring flooding, snow, sleet, and wind gusts as high as 70 miles per hour. There is also an anticipated storm surge as high as five feet. An inch of snow is predicted in New York City, while as much as three inches is expected in Orange County, New York.

Authorities cautioned that the weather will likely hamper large-scale recovery efforts in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, which came ashore next to Atlantic City, New Jersey, last week.

Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s mayor, called for residents on Staten Island and the Rockaways to move to higher ground. Bloomberg ordered a mandatory evacuation of four health care centers in the Rockaways, fearing that the storm might compromise their generators.

Along with the evacuations, outside construction in New York will pause at noon, while parks and beaches will close for 24 hours, according to Yahoo! News. Bloomberg stated:

“High winds are likely to bring down more limbs or entire trees. The waves are very dangerous and we don’t need to send first responders into the ocean to save somebody who’s being foolish.”

The new nor’easter is causing crews to scramble to clear tens of thousands of tons of debris from Sandy amid fears that it could produce deadly projectiles amid potential high winds.

Corey Birtles, 37, an analyst who lost power in his Manhattan apartment for four days after Sandy, stated:

“I’m really concerned these freak weather events are going to become a permanent feature in this new world of climate change. These events do seem to be more severe and more regular in recent times.”

Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for a second term just after Sandy struck, citing the president’s record on climate change. He also stated that climate chance is likely to blame for the rise in severe weather problems, adding that it should be a call to leaders to act on the growing problem.

The New Jersey shore, known as a popular summer tourist haven, has been devastated as Sandy swallowed whole neighborhoods and pushed entire homes across the street. Middletown and Brick ordered a mandatory evacuation for waterfront neightborhoods as a precaution.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is working with state and local authorities. They stated they are “ready to deploy additional resources if needed to respond to the Nor’easter.”

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