Dan Puplava on the Decade Celebration of ‘Champions in Action’ Program

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Financial company RBS Citizen’s Financial Group celebrated the 10th anniversary of their community awareness group Champions in Action. Dan Puplava is happy to see an impacting program, like the one RBSCFG has, make a difference for members of the community.

RBS Citizens Financial Group announced the decade anniversary of their nonprofit support organization, Champions in Action. The organization helps groups that work with the homeless provide financial education and job training. Champions in Action has given more than $6.7 million in grants to 260 organizations in 6 states between the Midwest and Northeast United States.

Dan Puplava says that community interaction and philanthropy is an essential part of building up the community around a larger institution such as RBS Citizens Financial Group. The criteria to be considered for partnership with Champions in Action are not lengthy, yet important. Nonprofit organizations must be recognized by RBSCFG as having a history of successfully impacting their community and achieving the stated goals set forth by the group. Financial responsibility and good leadership within the nonprofit organization are also a must to be considered for any financial gifts from Champions in Action.

If chosen to be a member of Champions in Action, nonprofit organizations receive a $35,000 contribution up front that the group can use for whatever purposes they deem fit. Champions in Action then helps the organization with public relations and media items such as public service announcements, television spots, and other communications to get the organization’s name into the public. In an interview to the Herald Online, Ellen Alemany, Chairman and CEO of RBS Citizens Financial Group said, “We are pleased to have established Champions in Action as a true benchmark for nonprofit excellence in the local communities we serve.”

Financial planner Dan Puplava knows that while finances are the top priority of a financial institution, if there is no one to help get the less fortunate back on their feet in one way or another, there won’t be a community to assist. RBS Citizens Financial Group and its Champions in Action group have been a positive force for change in the last decade, and will hopefully continue to be for the foreseeable future.


Dan Puplava is a financial planner specializing in retirement help for educators. When he’s not consulting clients on retirement plans, he is helping to give back to the community and supporting organizations that wish to do likewise.

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