Tanja H. Ellis on the Theme of Fine Arts Dean’s Conference

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An annual conference of fine arts college deans will meet at the end of November to discuss their schools’ works. Tanja H. Ellis talks about the gathering of important figures in an aim to promote the advanced education of fine arts in college.

“Art as a Public Good” is the main theme and focus of this year’s International Council of Fine Arts Deans conference in Minnesota. The annual conference will take place between October 25th and 27th in Minneapolis. As the leaders of their respected fine arts programs, exploring new ways to support the fine arts programs of their institutions is of utmost importance.

As Tanja H. Ellis can explain, the conference is held every year as an opportunity for the deans of fine arts colleges to share ideas on how to nurture creativity in the college setting, both in their particular school and the whole campus. Examples of how college campuses are employing programs are also presented to help colleagues get a better feel for what will work for their school.

In going with the theme of the program, a lot of discussion was put on how colleges and their surrounding towns interact with each other. There is a lot that colleges can contribute in fine arts to the cities and towns that house institutions. Improving relationships between the two entities was something the deans discussed heavily during the weekend.

Jobs were also discussed a fair amount as well. With jobs in many fields being erased or outsourced, there is a lot of unease about what will happen to jobs in the fine arts field. Tanja H. Ellis knows that job outsourcing hurts people because those jobs never come back to the country. Many jobs in the manufacturing industry have been outsourced, and service jobs like accounting and insurance are disappearing just as easily it seems. The deans are worried that people with fine arts training are going to face the same fate if things don’t improve. It has been noted though that people with creative skills are climbing into the top five desired qualities in an employee. With any luck, that will give fine arts students a leg up in the world.

Tanja H. Ellis is a professional photographer and interior designer. She is a big advocate for promoting the arts in order to keep it from falling by the wayside in people’s education.

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