Alternative Education Foundation: This Wouldn’t Happen at Our Schools

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Recent cases of bullying and neglect in Florida’s public schools are a good reason to send children to alternative schools. Those                      overseen by Alternative Education Foundation make a great solution.

Two incidents of school misconduct that made a local TV news station in Florida of late have parents outraged. Although investigations are ongoing, the parents simply want answers from the two schools involved. And, in at least one case, reports indicate that one parent may be interested in pursuing federal action.

In an incident out of Orange County, a teenager with Asperger’s syndrome became the unfortunate victim of a bully. The bully threw 13-year-old Brandon Reno against a wall, which resulted in Reno’s hospitalization in the emergency room. But the school did nothing about it.

“It is not the first time her autistic son has been bullied, but…she is determined it will be the last time,” reported WFTV November 7.

The TV station said on its website that the Asperger’s syndrome Reno suffers with is a type of autism that affects social skills and makes him an “easy target” to be bullied.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Florida’s Alternative Education Foundation (AEF) Middle School, located in Davie, Fla., typically deals with children like Reno. For whatever reason, the children can’t be in a traditional school setting. More than likely, the atmosphere is too dangerous and the school doesn’t understand the child’s specific needs to provide an adequate remedy.

Mother Christina Mueller said the school tried to give him a student mentor last year, but that the mentor and her son grew apart within about a month.

There was something Gotha Middle School in Windermere, Fla. was apparently missing regarding the teenager’s diagnosis. Maybe it was the (aforementioned) fact he couldn’t make friends easily.

However, the action taken by the school also missed the mark.  Even after repeated reports of bullying, the middle school did not keep a close eye on her son.

That directly flies in the face of federal law, according to Jamison Jessup of

Now, the mother is demanding to know whether or not Gotha Middle School has a written policy in place to end the bullying.

In another incident, school officials at Savanna High School in Anaheim, Calif. left a “severely autistic” boy on a bus for almost seven hours.

The Alternative Education Foundation’s Middle School, among AEFs other schools, is specially equipped to deal with these types of children. These are children that, without proper help and guidance, fall through the cracks at public schools.

The Alternative Education Foundation formed in 2003 as a parent-proposed solution to public and private schools. Located in Plantation, Fla., the organization runs support services for parents and children, schools, and camps that teach skills beyond the academic.

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