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An article published recently in the Northwest Indiana Times advises homeowners to winterize their homes in preparation for winter weather. Roto-Rooter Minneapolishas specific tips they offer for winterizing plumbing.

The Northwest Indiana Times reports that winterizing your home and yard now can help you avoid problems when temperatures drop for good this winter. There are several issues to consider, but a few simple steps can cut heating costs and resolve issues before they arise, says Kathleen Szot.

Szot, a communications specialist for NIPSCO, advises, “Look at your ceiling, caulking, and insulation, and look for opportunities to fill some leaky areas.”

Bathrooms and attics tend to leak the most, she says.

Roto-Rooter Minneapolis technician trainer Blaine Weiss advises thatrepairing leaks in plumbing will help homeowners avoid frozen water lines.

“Pipes in unheated areas, such as exterior walls and crawlspaces, tend to freeze and then either crack or burst. Water expands inside pipes when it freezes, and the confined space means there’s nowhere for the ice to go. This can cause a lot of damageto the home in the form of leaks and flooding.”

Wind can get into attic and crawl spaces beneath pier and beam structures, which can also cause frozen water lines. Make sure such spaces are sealed, and if your sink lines are prone to freezing, running a small stream of water may prevent them from doing so.

“Moving water is less likely to freeze,” explains Weiss of Roto-Rooter Minneapolis.

Have your furnace checked annually, optimally in fall, by a professional service technician. That way, when you need it, you’ll know it’s in working order.

It’s also important to prepare the outside of your home by taking garden hoses off their outdoor hose bibs. There’s no need to cover your air conditioner unit, since they can attract nesting animals and tend to hold rain and humidity.

You can winterize your yard by raking any leaves and mowing the lawn at a height of about three inches. Dethatching and aerating the lawn in the autumn promotes lush lawn growth in the summer, since it improves the growth of grass’s roots. Be sure to keep leaves away from yard drains and out of drainage ditches so that water doesn’t pool and freeze. The idea is to move water away from your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Make sure your irrigation systems are drained and blown out before freezing temperatures arrive—hire a professional, if necessary. They can use an air compressor to apply pressure to push any water out of the lines.


Roto-Rooter Minneapolishas helped customers in and around Minneapolis winterize and repair their pipes since 1935. They also offer full plumbing services including drain cleaning and maintenance. 

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