Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota on African Mango Craze

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Weight loss trends come and go as quickly as seasons of the year. Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota provides some insight on the new phenomenon of African mango that is sweeping the market.

For decades, people have been looking for medicinal and scientific ways to lose weight and keep it off. There are many products on the market to do this, with African mango supplements now being the latest popular regimen in the dietary arsenal. Its craze in the Western world may be new, but it has been used in the country of Cameroon for centuries.

The Nutrition Wellness Center in Sarasota knows that there are safe and unsafe ways to go about losing excess weight. African mango is one of the less intrusive methods to lose weight and boost metabolism to keep weight from coming back. Holistic medicines found that using the Dikka seed from the African mango actually increased a person’s energy and boosted the immune system. There has been research now into whether or not it effectively reduces weight and burns fat.

Research performed with African mango in comparison to a placebo found that supplements derived from the fruit do indeed help to increase weight loss capabilities. Like all supplements and weight loss regimens, exercise and eating properly will help to keep the weight off. The Nutrition Wellness Center in Sarasota is excited to hear that there are natural and safe methods of reducing weight that were once not available. Enzymes in the mango fruit, along with the energy boosting properties of the Dikka seed, are what make this product work.

The African mango is found only in the rainforests of Cameroon. It is a brightly colored tropical fruit and has only been used in the West for a short time in comparison to its use in Cameroon. The research conducted on its weigh loss abilities was published in the journal, “Lipids in Health and Disease”.

The Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is a weight loss and detoxification center in Sarasota, Florida. They work with their clients to find the best ways of reducing weight by better living and achieving set goals. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve the best feel for themselves in their daily life.

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