Kerr and Wagstaffe Responds to the Decline in Enrollment

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The American Bar Association has released statistics that show enrollment being down at law schools across the United States. Law firms like Kerr and Wagstaffe are cautious about the decline, as the need for new lawyers will always be present.

There will be fewer people attending law school this coming year, as a report from the American Bar Association is showing a decline in enrollment among the nations law schools. This is in contrast to two years ago when enrollment was at an all-time high. While the decline is about 8,000 total students, this is a continuing trend from last year. This is enrollment for first year law students, continuing students were not factored into the statistics.

Kerr and Wagstaffe says there are 201 American Bar Association accredited law schools in the country. Of that number, three quarters of them were experiencing a decline in enrollment. The other quarter has seen a small increase, a small bit of hope in comparison to the others. Some of the factors for the decline in enrollment could include financial issues and overall job placement. There is still optimism for the future of law school enrollment, as the numbers that the American Bar Association have put out are only preliminary, and could be less than what they project.

The American Bar Association was formed in 1878 and has over 410,000 lawyers in its ranks. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and are the governing organization for the standards of practicing law in the United States. Their biggest region of governance the American Bar Association covers is deciding the code of ethical standards for lawyers. This code dictates how a lawyer may conduct his practice, as well as how he pursues legal cases. They also oversee the accreditation of law schools in the United States. Any law school in the country must have this accreditation if they wish for their students to be able to pass bar exams.

Kerr and Wagstaffe hope that the numbers will change for the positive again, as there will always be a need for lawyers in the field.

Kerr and Wagstaffe is a law firm based in San Francisco, California. They cover many different areas in civil law such as environmental law, insurance law, and intellectual property law. They hope to see more people who aspire to practice law succeed in their endeavors. 

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