Julius Goepp MD On New Initiative for AIDS-Free Generation

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The United States Secretary of State has announced a plan to conquer the existence of AIDS and HIV in an entire generation of Americans. Medical professionals like Julius Goepp MD applaud the concentration of effort to eradicate the deadly disease.

United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has announced an initiative to start increasing the awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS. Her goal is to have the United States accomplish having an “AIDS-free generation” in the near future. The announcement comes just a couple of days before the international day for AIDS awareness, which is December 1st.

The initiative is the next step in an effort that started a decade ago to eradicate the disease from the United States. In the last couple of years, researchers have discovered ways to possibly inoculate and reverse the progress of the HIV virus in the human body. Julius Goepp MD notes that while there is still no cure for AIDS or HIV, there have been great strides made in preventing the illness and maintaining it in a state of suppression in order to sustain a patient’s well being. The disease, which was considered a death sentence when it first emerged, has now been made more manageable to the point where many HIV and AIDS patients have lived longer, more enjoyable lives due to advances in medical research.

All around, the number of people infected with the HIV virus and AIDS has dropped. Deaths and new infections have also dropped in recent years. Julius Goepp MD says this can be attributed to the promotion of public health initiatives, such as promoting condom use, frequent testing at a doctor’s office, as well as avoiding being infected by shared intravenous drug use. It has been a great task to make the public more aware of the disease, but some worry that the gravity of the illness has started to lift with public figures that live with AIDS are doing well. Former NBA star, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, is one of the most recognized celebrities living with AIDS presently. After making his condition public two decades ago, he has exceeded the lifespan of many people diagnosed with the disease at the time with few health issues.

The new initiative laid out by Secretary Clinton is expected to take effect soon.

Julius Goepp MD is a medical professional who has had years of experience in both practicing and writing about medicine. He promotes the awareness and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

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