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It was announced that 30-year loan rates were nearing a record low as of Thursday. American Capital Holdings and other loan companies are excited to hear of the news, as it will help boost loans for housing.

As of Thursday, Freddie Mac announced that the interest rates on 30-year housing loans were almost near a record low. Since housing loan records started being tracked in 1971, the record low was marked at 3.31 percent, which occurred last week. This week’s report on loans has the interest rate at 3.32 percent. 15-year mortgages rose slightly from 2.63 percent to 2.64 percent.

American Capital Holdings says the record low rates on interest for long-term housing loans have started to spur growth in the number of applicants for loans. This in turn has started to reignite the house building industry as well, which experienced some of its own record numbers the other month after five years of stagnation and decline. The positive numbers in both aspects of the housing industry have gotten experts excited about the prospect of a resuscitated market. Time will tell however, as nothing is ever concrete in the economic world.

Freddie Mac is a government sponsored loan agency that specializes in secondary loans that they buy, pool, and then use as investments for housing aid. American Capital Holdings informs us that it is an acronym for Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company. It was started in 1970 after it was split from a fellow government sponsored loan agency, Fannie Mae. Both organizations were the subject of the housing crisis of 2008 when the housing loan bubble collapsed, taking many other businesses with it. Since that time, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now under more direct observation by the federal government.

It is the hope of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that the record low numbers continue to stay where they are. Private investors and homebuilders are also happy to see this. There has been no word on whether the rates will maintain, or if its been forecasted to rise or fall further.

American Capital Holdings is a hard money lender that specializes in providing loans to those interested in commercial real estate. They strive to help those who wish to be entrepreneurial in real estate get a leg up financially in order to realize their goals. They provide loans for everything commercial from land purchases to construction and rental.


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