Greenlife Water Filters Pesticides, Some Recently Linked to Food Allergy Risk

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ImagesCBS News reports that the chemicals used to chlorinate tap water may be at the root of many food allergies. Greenlife Water, a company that provides whole-house water filtration systems, reacts to this development in their field.

According to CBS News, a new study found that the chemicals in tap water may be responsible for the food allergies that many Americans suffer from. Researchers analyzed the levels of chemicals in the urine of over 10,000 people. The study found that the urine of 2,200 people contained measurable levels of dichlorophenols—a chemical used in pesticides and weedkillers that is also used to chlorinate drinking water.

The researchers reported that of those with measurable levels of dichlorophenols in their urine, 411 people had a food allergy and more than 1,000 had an allergy to something environmental (like pollen). People with the highest levels dichlorophenolsin their urine were more likely to have an allergy than those with the lower levels.

“Our research shows that high levels of dichlorophenol-containing pesticides can possibly weaken food tolerance in some people, causing food allergy,” said one of the study’s authors, Dr. ElinaJerschow, in a press release.

The study did not find a cause-and effect relationship between the chemicals, tap water, and allergies. Nonetheless, food allergies are on the rise. About four to six percent of U.S. children have a food allergy, according to the CDC. Allergic reactions can range from mild to life-threatening.

Dr. Kenneth Spaeth, director of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center at North Shore University Hospital, was not involved in the research, but opines to HealthDay that the study raises questions about pesticides in the environment.

“The immune system begins developing in fetuses and continues its development through childhood,”says Spaeth. “Therefore, it is plausible that exposure to these pesticides during this development could alter the immune system in ways that could increase the risk of allergies. Until further studies are done, no conclusions can be drawn but there is enough evidence for concern and certainly to further examine the issue.”

Greenlife Water installs whole home water filtration systems, which can potentially minimize one’s exposure to chemicals in tap water. They want to remind people that chemicals don’t just enter the body through ingestion.

“What many people don’t know is that our bodies absorb many more chemicals through our skin than we do from drinking a glass of unfiltered tap water,” says Greenlife Water.“When taking a shower or bath, the hot water opens the skin’s pores, allowing even more absorption of chemicals to take place.

“Whole home water filters dramatically improve the air quality in your home by taking chemicals out of your water that normally would evaporate when cooking, using the dishwasher and cleaning your clothes.”

To reduce the risk of exposure, Jerschow suggests people eat fewer pesticide-treated fruits and vegetables in addition to avoiding unfiltered tap water.


Greenlife Water is a Canadian-owned water filter rental company that provides service to Ontario residents and other regions across Canada. They install an industry leading 3-stage whole home filtration system that removes chlorine, disinfection by-products, and many other contaminants.

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