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ImagesQmedRxtakes a look at one of the newest technologies advancing the field of wound care. For people suffering from acute or chronic wounds such as bed sores and diabetic ulcers, the latest cause for hope is the introduction of state-of-the art 3-D wound imaging instruments.

The most recent significant innovation in the medical field of wound care has been the development of three-dimensional imaging devices designed specifically to capture and measure wounds. Eykona Medical, a European company, recently introduced their new TOMI-3D (Total Optical Measurement Instrument), a handheld digital device that enables, fast, secure, and repeatable wound measurement.

3-D imaging devices are gaining well-deserved popularity across many areas of medical practice, including clinical wound care. Before these types of instruments were available, the details of a patient’s woundhad to be collected through imperfect and sometimes invasive means. These methodsinclude naked-eye assessment, tracing paper, dipstick depth measurement, photography, and resin casting. Each method offers only a small insight on the overall shape and status of a wound, and even a combination of these methods still does not produce a 100% complete and accurate image.

With 3-D wound imaging devices such as the TOMI-3D, doctors need only hold the device near the wound and initiate its image capture. The TOMI-3D uses two cameras and four high power flash units to build a three-dimensional model of a wound with detail at the sub-millimeter level.  The model can be used to calculate surface area, planimetric area, distance and volume of the wound with total accuracy and zero invasiveness. The doctor can upload the 3-D model to a cloud database to share with the patient’s other clinicians. Moreover, the device provides consistent and reliable information at each usage, which means that it is an excellent tool for measuring changes in the wound over time.

Unlike traditional photography, 3-D image capturing accounts for variables like the angle and distance of the device from the wound, differences in lighting, shadows and reflections in the wound, and the movements of the user or subject. 2-D photography produces inconsistent and poor quality images; devices like the TOMI 3-D have a target lock system to ensure that every capture is uniform and reliable. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies such as QmedRx recognize that these sorts of high-tech, low-training instruments that enable precise appraisal of conditions are an immense aid to doctors.

“One of the risks of inaccurate measurement and treatment of diabetic wounds is amputation, with 50% of people who have a major amputation dying within two years. Through the use of the Eykona system, many of these amputations could be avoided through more precise, efficient and effective care resulting from accurate 3-D measurement, ” saysone of the device’s inventors, Dr. James Paterson, to the MTB Europe

online journal.

The doctor went on to say that Eykona’s new instrument is saving trouble for doctors and lives for patients. Its benefits are that more wound measurements can be taken, less time is needed to take measurements, little training is needed to operate the device, and the 3-D model can be shared with any number of healthcare professionals all over the world. In these ways, Eykona has really raised the standard of care when it comes to wound treatment. Their TOMI 3-D capturing system is a radically superior substitute to traditional means of measurement.

The TOMI 3-D is being used currently by the British Royal Centre for Defence Medicine to help treat the field wounds of soldiers in Afghanistan. The device is expected to receive full approval for medical use later this year.


A Florida-based specialty pharmacy and healthcare service company, QmedRx specializes in certain areas of medical care including Lyme disease treatment, podiatry, compounded prescription drugs and chronic wound care. Their company is dedicated to staying abreast of technological developments that have great promise for the future of healthcare systems and for the well-being of patients nationwide. 

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