Woman Left With Bone Fragments In Eye After A Bad Cosmetic Procedure


Woman had bone fragments in her eye after cosmetic surgery.

A woman in Los Angeles went to her doctor saying that she could not open her right eye. She said that when she tried to open it, she heard an odd sound like a click, or a sharp sound, according to Fox News.

The woman’s doctor, Dr. Allan Wu, who is a cosmetic surgeon, thought she was imagining things. Until what he discovered was out of this world. Her eyelid did droop, and the area around her eye was partially swollen.

Wu discovered that the strange noises the woman heard when trying to open her eye, were bones grinding against each other.

Wu and his colleagues dug out pieces of bone fragments that were growing in the flesh around the woman’s right eye. After six hours of surgery they were finally finished. Her eye is in tact, just scratched a little.

The woman had a new cosmetic procedure in a Beverly Hills clinic, with a different doctor, three months prior to the revelation she had bones growing in her eye. Her name is remaining anonymous due to privacy reasons.

The procedure was a stem-cell face-lift. Doctors took adult stem cells from her stomach fat, and after isolating them and injecting them with the filler calcium hydroxylapatite, they were then shot around her eyes. These face-lifts are designed to rejuvenate the skin. Stem cells turn into new tissue and release chemicals that help in the healing of aging cells and stimulate nearby cells to produce more excessively.

The victim of this crazy science project paid more than $20,000 to have the other doctors “extract mesenchymal stem cells,” from her body. These cells can turn into bone, cartilage or even fat.

According to Wu, the calcium hydroxylapatite mixed with the stem cells, turned into bone. Wu thinks that this fact escaped the minds of the woman’s doctors. He thinks that the unanticipated interaction between the two substances explains what happened.

Wu said she is well, but living stem cells could still remain in her face. If stem cells are still in her face, they could turn into bone or another abnormal body part at another time.

For the obvious reason of what happened to the woman, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved such cosmetic procedures regarding stem cells.




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