Hydroxycut – Eggnog! And Other Fatty Drinks To Avoid

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ImagesThere are many enjoyable treats that can be had during the holidays. However, not all treats are created equal. The makers of Hydroxycut™ share advice on wise drink options for the holiday season.

It’s the height of the holiday season, and with the sights and sounds of this time come the old familiar smells and tastes. Many of the season’s most popular drinks are quite hearty and delicious, but they can also contain a lot of unwanted calories.

Hydroxycut notes that some of the most popular holiday drinks contain a whole meal’s worth of calories. There are many drinks that are synonymous with Christmas, one of the most popular being eggnog. Although there are countless variations of this very cream-heavy drink, most contain roughly 340 calories and 19 grams of fat per serving.

But don’t think that simply passing on the nog will put you in the clear.

Many gourmet latte drinks that are flavored with chocolate and peppermint actually contain more calories and fat than eggnog. Another popular drink that can be more than filling to drink is hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Hydroxycut notes that there are ways to have these enjoyable beverages without worrying over how they will affect your waistline. For example, when ordering a mocha peppermint latte drink from any one of the many popular coffee shops in malls and corners, make sure to order it with skim milk rather than whole milk, which is much more fattening. In fact, when it comes to any sort of milk or cream-based drink, make sure to find the lowest fat milk or cream. Avoiding whipped cream is also advisable.

As alternative to milk, you may want to try soy. Soy milk provides an excellent way to enjoy eggnog without feeling guilty about the extra calories.

It’s also important to note that alcohol contains a ton of calories even when not paired with any mixers, so remember to moderate consumption responsibly. Or even do your diet a real favor, and skip the alcoholic drinks entirely.

There are many ways to enjoy traditional holiday drinks without hurting a waistline. Simple substitutions, when paired with a daily exercise routine, can make holiday drinks enjoyable and guilt free.


Hydroxycut is a dietary supplement with clinically proven and scientifically researched ingredients. Maintaining a diet by choosing less fatty drinks can help keep adults on the right path.

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